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@nitot talks about societal & personal risks related to silos, socnets, smartphones at @MozillaParis

Switching back to for now... (before future extraction ^_^ )

A dynamic feature flag system needs context.
* User Information
* Request Information

via @beberlei at

@beberlei is now introducing how generic and reusable feature flags (with Symfony) can be at with examples of payment system.

He referred to

["Flipping out" by Flickr (2009)]( and also
["Feature toggle" by Marting Fowler (2010)](
["Feature Toggles in Symfony" by labs @](

~"I can see this is a developer conference as I'm the only one wearing a jacket"~ via @yoavkutner

[...] We want to create projects... Composer might not be the right tool for such specific job

[Most important page on The first time experience](
The users / developers should not be bothered by tones of distinct versions even before using the Symfony full-stack framework via @fabpot

Meetup en cours a @numaparis with @bblfish, @cyrillehugues, @jiherr, @kirilind, @roussel_tristan, @SebFalque, @xtof [...]