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How to leverage PGP to encrypt, sign, decrypt messages?

1 min read

Install the GNU Privacy Guard implementation of the OpenPGP standard.

Install and configure a messaging client like Thunderbird 
for use with a plugin supporting OpenPGP.

Enigmail can be installed as a plugin for Thunderbird allowing to encrypt, sign and decrypt emails.

Sending emails which have been signed or encrypted will require 

  • the generation of a PGP key pair (a public key and a private key)
  • the exchange of public keys with recipients of messages
    (for example by organizing a physical meeting) 

Other initiatives allowing to encrypt, sign and decrypt messages from a browser :

Riseup has published a pretty list of OpenPGP best practices

About (not) using an alternative database for your functional tests

1 min read

Using an SQLite database for testing might come in handy.

Why should we use a database increasing the footprint of a test suite when executing very few queries? 

Even few queries are not prepared the same way depending on the database engine and as a result there is no guarantee of having the same records set returned by SQLite and another database used in production. 

For instance, I've encountered the following issues before:


Your database timezone set to "+00:00" by default with Lumen

1 min read

When running a command-line with artisan, I had time-dependent queries which never returned the affected rows I was expecting. I had this command precisely running at 00:01 every morning. 

By scheduling the task three hours later or by launching it manually in the morning, I was provided with the correct results. That's how I figured something was off with regards to the application timezone.

At first, I set the environment variable APP_TIMEZONE value to Europe/Paris in .env according to my context of execution. Unfortunately, it was not the solution to my problem.

Since we're dealing with open source code, why not exploring the vendors?

grep -rn timezone ./vendor

resulting in this specific match (among many others)

./vendor/illuminate/database/Connectors/MySqlConnector.php:43:        if (isset($config['timezone'])) { 

The following keywords submitted to DuckDuckGo led me to the right solution :

The following setting was missing from my application .env file 


How to make a backup of secrets stored in Google Authentication app (Android)?

1 min read

  1. Enable USB debugging in the phone developer options
  2. Pull the SQLite database using adb  
    adb pull /data/data/
  3. Extract the database records using an SQLite client 
    sqlite3 database 
    .dump accounts
  4. Save the output in a reasonably safe place (for instance store it in a lastpass secure note)

See also

How to prevent a MySQL database from writing binary logs?

1 min read

To decommission an old server running a replicated MySQL database,
I had to prevent the (master) database from writing binary logs.

I figured I would need to

October Web Developer Fest

2 min read

@davinov draw my attention to this TechCrunch article written by @rezendi about being a victim of Developaralysis.

Does it sound familiar to you? It does to me and believe it or not, this weird feeling started to become even more intense with the overall organisation of the ForumPHP 2014 (why referring to this specific event? I guess there should just be one to begin with and also, I'd like to advertise the schedule of these two days).

As a member of the AFUP since 2010 (French organisation of PHP users), I decided to volunteer to join the conference group in March 2014. 

Our job basically consists in putting together the overall sessions schedule.

Things went pretty simple before hearing about a bunch of other events scheduled for the  same week this year...

I've put together a short list, so that you can figure what kind of decision tree, we're positively facing today as a developer living in Paris or in its suburbs for this single 43th week of October

The Python community played it a bit differently 

  • PyconFr, from the 25th to the 28th in Lyon

Let us not forget about the regional meetups, one could attend independently from this year major conferences

Constraint programming might clearly be of help. 

One could argue these events are not attended by the same population but what if they were? Could not they? Should not they?

For all these reasons, I would call this week, the October Web Developer Fest ^_^ 

Assembling views with The Grid

1 min read

After reading the Grid FAQ again and again, I still feel uncertain about what really is...
A template engine? Data analytics APIs? Robot swarm? Next (ancient) series of programming paradigms?

I just became what they're calling a "founding member" ( Let us call it a sort of "personal venture" ^_ 

Who said has no real use cases (ouch, the transaction has not yet been confirmed, since blockchain verification takes a bit longer than traditional transations)? 

By the way, there is a very complete presentation of the topic by @paulgreg at Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies

doesn't always come free of charge and of course, we're quite far from Mars exploration.

*EDIT* I've added a page about The Grid ( to the project wiki.